Past Present | Collection 2016

Resume 2017

Package Design – House Delights

Digital UI Design Template – Ready Artwork / Desktop & Mobile

prepcan_dsktpalt1Digital & Graphic Logo and UI Revamp – PrepCan

ojen_dsktprv3Digital UI Revamp – OJEN / Desktop  Ontario Justice Education Network

cladesktop-home2015-02-24fDigital UI Revamp – CLA / Desktop – Criminal Lawyers’ Association



iphonecase480x75_2Digital Banners – Klickly

Graphic Tee Shirt Entry – Uniqlo 2016 Competition

Past Present | Collection 2015

Gr8phicCollaboration ‘What is Graphic Design?’ Storyboard from Executive Graphic DirectorThailand

Final Business CardPrint turnbull+co. business card Alternative Designs – Ontario, Canada

CESAR-APPAREL-2014Apparel Cesar Millan Collection – The Dog Whisperer / Bark & Bones – Los Angeles, CA

prism jrApparel ‘Original’ Prism Jr. – The Dog Whisperer / Bark & Bones – Los Angeles, CA



7DaysCampaign_FreshnessMoodBoardDigital User Interface (UI) Design – Mintleaf Dental Concept & Mood Board – Ontario, Canada

Digital UI Design – Mintleaf Dental / Desktop, Tablet & Mobile – Ontario, Canada

onsapphire.comDigital UI Design – sapphire media agency – Personal / Desktop – Los Angeles, CA

presentation_legalline_version2Digital UI Design – Legal Line Concept Board – Ontario, Canada

legalline_Vs2CDigital UI Design Revamp – Legal Line Desktop – Ontario, Canada

naurelleDigital UI Design Revamp – Naurelle Furniture / Desktop – Beverly Hills, CA

MendocinoFarm1Digital UI Design Revamp Pitch – Mendocino Farms / Desktop – Los Angeles, CA

Coconut_DesktopDigital UI Design – Coconut Village / Desktop – Los Angeles, CA

Logo KanomJeen Festival – Los Angeles, CA

Past Present | Collection 2013

OriginalPersonal Calligraphy “Original” – CALiGR8F

SECVideo Animated Infographic Pitch – SEC (The Securities and Exchange Commission) – Thailand

2_GR8Graphic Print Tee Shirt Entry – Uniqlo 2013 Competition

3_GR8Print Front Cover Key Visual Brochure Design – Nike Air Zoom Jasari+

Game of ThronesPersonal Calligraphy “Game of Thrones” – CALiGR8F

Package & Illustration Adman Awards 2013 – BenMore Four Casks Limited Edition (Artist Chatchanok Wongvachara) – Thailand

Print Graphic Composition Skins – Hutch MBI (Mobile Broadband Internet) Device

MBI_MupiDevicePrint Mupi Design “World at Your Fingertips” – Hutch MBI – Thailand

Commercial & Personal Logos

Red Step UpPresentation Red Step Up Competition Magazine Layout – Johnny Walker Red Label

Lucky3PhoneCardPrint Lucky 3 Phone Card Artwork – KB Telecom – USA

OM x KFCPrint Poster Design – Ogilvy, KFC Internal


Personal Typography “REMARK” Font –

BCG RemarkLogo usage of “REMARK” Font – BC Gallery – Germany

Typography 2014 Calendar “Feeling Good is not just an Emotion, it’s a Philosophy” Design – DTAC

Print DOOF Collective Flyers – Bangkok, Thailand


Print Copywriter – “Newspaper” Uni Promark Highlighter Outdoor Entry – Udompanich Corporation


• Thank You For Your Time •

The Show Must Go On…

In the past recent months, I was amazed on the level of acceptances and enthusiasts there were for the HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

From beer bottle labels to humor, infographics, Twitter accounts and a rendition of Saul Bass design (literally)/ ha.

The Action Game by Flores reminded me of Adult Swim: Bible Fight! | By far the best intake (Great Idea and Execution: A+)

Another one is the Simpsons’ Opening Sequence | Cute…

In reflection; I, myself, enjoy the series as well.

Raw characters and adventures with gore and deception.

I bought Season One DVD Set, which I have not fully submerge into the families, yet. Still Questions… but it did not stop me from watching Season Three.

Talk about Grudge. Not to mention; Good Guys with Bad Run-Ins/ sigh~


Day 02

I never had to stay overnight before while during my travels.
I guess there is a first time for everything.

As long as it is free –can’t complain, all complementary

A hotel next to the airport with 10-minutes to walk. And time to spare for Free WIFI
(only at the lobby –2nd floor). Breakfast could have been better, but food here is quite bland.

–can’t complain much, all complementary

Up-Up & ???


Day 01

As I’m waiting for my flight to LA-LA LAND – I reflect.
… Made an early arrival at the airport (to beat the traffic –which was good) but did not stop the inevitable.

I heard about this flight and its problem “on time, ” but I kept a positive outlook… So…

I guess I wait and wait…

… and wait

Movie times 3

Oz the Great and Powerful

  • 3D CG
  • Finley
  • Chinatown
  • Prologue

The story was innocently twisted & sweet with a touch of family entertainment. The overall production/ development, ambience and color treatment were spectacular.

Created by hands with pure imagination. I was watching a “Children’s Fairy tale” come to life (…of course, Disney).

Man versus self-actualization.

All the elements were presented. The “Yellow Brick Road,” the Wicked Witch, the “Enlightened” version of Courage, Happiness, Inspiration and Friendship. And very importantly; Love.

The acting was raw on both Franco and Kunis. I was watching them on screen; their personality overwhelmed the character. Off-beat, yet subtle.

Weisz and Williams had charisma. Maturity on both their roles and witches instinct. I was watching the character/ actor simultaneously. Amazing~

I love Finley and “ChinaGirl.” They made me smiled, laughed and awed. They felt real with sentimental affection.

The supporting cast were supportive. Great ensemble, though off-beat/ ha.

“As long as You Believe.”

(say it 3 times)

2.5*Sweet Dreams are made of this… It’s not you – only. It’s a Slumber Party.