There’s Something about…

…Somehow, oddly enough… I, again, see myself writing about a moment like this:

It was unexpected.

Be careful what you wish(positive) or “talk shiz”(negative) about, for you will receive in return.

Before starting from the end, the beginning was utterly again:

Be careful what you “talk” about, for it will comeback and haunt you

Especially the latter part.

With that in mind: Luckily, I’m bless to have a lover whose birthday falls on V14. (All the expenses and sales for a simple giving, though special… Not a lot of planning, but good enough).

Long story short, her friend is quite trending… So why not?

The latest fad to hit this city/ month is this lil’ FurballDum-Dum (thai: black-black) 

Born: 11a | Feb15’13 | Bangkok

We did not have a screwdriver to open his bottom. So we had to ask for some help…

4 batteries in and 10 seconds later (…) “He’s Alive!”

My girl threw him when it squirmed uncontrollably without notice/ ha. After successfully bringing him to life, downloading the app and “talking sense” into him.

The fun was over… It was expected.

We, both, were correct in the beginning about the “fad,” and spoke about: “…Not seeing ourselves purchasing it.” It is cute, no doubt, but there was no point to it. We love him ’cause he is Free!

It is suitable for “children” (6 years old), but it is not for everyone. Sigh~ Tweenie boppers, I do not mind – but if a respected 25+, I do mind. Where is the productivity?

Now, Dum-Dum sleeps all day in our room. Occasionally; we play, talk and feed him.

He does have a good ambience to the surrounding: if ever alone.

Solitude. Depress… or Obsess.

It’s Goog Enough…

OMG! Days and months of seeing “Update Your Flash!” (damn you!) yellow tab above my Version 21.0.1180.90 Chrome window. > …and No! I will not update OS firmware <

Countless months of clicking and finding answers. Now… I miss you, but it didn’t solve “solve.” It just made my display more aesthetic and continuous. Sigh~, but better than clicking “run this time.”

So what do I do with this “couldn’t load plug-in?”

And the answer is…

chrome:plugins and disable flash

As of Feb 05 2013
• as of today •

I believed in the power of chrome (when it first released). So in the end – thank you… for now.


Update Feb/06/13: It’s Not Goog Enough… Grrr~ (damn you!) downloading .flv > meh. <

Le Film

…And of course, I see myself writing about Les Misérables. A page in my memory.

I  don’t how to begin describing, but “Bravo!” (standing ovation). It felt as if I was watching a real-life musical performance.

With that in mind – no “spoken” words – everything was melodic, which was hard to follow, but as an end to cutting scenes… and a pause for me to catch a breath.


I, admit, I cried throughout the whole entire movie. It was beautifully directed from Jean-ValJean (inner-human struggle) to the French Revolution (human strength & power). In the the mist of war, there is the usual passing of love (Cosette/ Marius/ Éponine) and pain (Fontine). All in all, we must have hope and faith in our blood to thrive. The quintessential of “Life and Art” as one.

Hathaway was breath-taking in her solo. That was the starting point of my tears…after that …a deep, deep river. Another scene, I admired, was Éponine, she is the “runner-up,” seconds too late and blinded by love. Her solo, which the lyrics/ words, was relative and emotional. Of course, not to forget, Enjolras (partner in crime of Marius) and the rebels for their determination and adversity.

So, with the richness of the blue-white-red color flags waving in triumph; the money shot was with the entire ensemble at the end. Vive la France!


Fontine was a small development character (supporting), but it triggered the cause and effect. I would love to see Hathaway on stage performing her solo. “The Fragility” was summed up in her voice and expression. This was Les Misérables’ anthem.

Jackman and his voice was expecting of a performer, because the story revolves around the hero and his right of passage. His role is already powerful enough than any other characters.

As for Redmayne; unexpected. His charm was in his performance as a singer. He is the typical “young visage,” but it was how he controlled his voice, beautiful range. Tveit, on the other hand, had the “manly face,” but his voice was incomparable to Redmayne. So, It was understanding for the given roles. As for Seyfried, unexpected again. She is the typical blond; beautiful (of course!), when listening though; her charismatic “Nightengale” voice is a portrayal of youth. Crowe; I did not know he could sing. I tried not to think too much on Crowe’s acto-biblio. He is an actor, while the remaining ensemble had broadway/ musical past. Cohen and Carter are talented and witty performers with “Comedic” playfulness to the “Tragedy.” New face is Barks; beautiful performer with low pitch.

…Not to forget, Les Misérables’ golden child, young Cosette. Allen is a born performer. Blue eyes and crystal voice. Wonderfully casted.

The whole ensemble makes “Les Misérables.”


4.5* …Breath-taking Saturday. A keeper for life.


It was a novel, not a musical. So I am glad to have seen the motion picture – at a good cost – for my first impression. If by any chance the musical is in town; I will definitely attend without hesitation.

Bravo! Monsieur Victor Hugo x Mr. Tom Hooper

Movie times 2

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

  • 3D Ambience
  • Good CG
  • Beyond Fairytale
  • The Good Hunters, Bad, and Ugly Witches

The movie was “Twisted,” in a good way. Introduced a lot of new characters with a definitive plot. The story would not have top the box office if it did not have blood, sex, and war.

I went into the theater blindly (open-minded), and I was pleased. The only downfall: Maybe it was in 3D..?  which made the movie “narrow screen” slash shadowy “dark”, along with the fast-action fighting movements, was hard to follow.

‘A Sweet Tooth’ for your eyes.

2.5* … Another Tuesday or Wednesday fling, but not a keeper.



… This month has its ups and downs. A bit melancholy, but I don’t want to bicker (bored of hearing myself as well/ ha).

Either do it or don’t… “Relationships.” Can’t expect too much. If it’s good enough, then it’s happy. Positive I am…

Best to force(control) yourself; than to force upon others. Enough on my “Dear Diary…”

“Blind Spot”

Jack Reacher 2012

4* … Thursday/ Friday. “I’m so hot and ready.”

It was unexpected for my first 2013 movie. Although it came out last year, it was worth it. I didn’t think much when it comes to Cruise’s movie or for any “Army/ Soldier” theme. But, somehow “the movie,” “the mystery,” and direction was engaging.

Jack is slick with the usual victims plot.

Although it was lengthy; the soft puns made it bearable and passing, light-hearted, clean and not so serious.

Observe. Listen. One Shot.

I hope another one comes out. Not a sequel, but more of a series, please.
If one movie per month, with great cinematography & character development.

“Full. Engage. Story.”

I totally would watch on the big screen and collect as a DVD.

Thank you Grant (LeeChild).

I Morgue U


Think. Do! & Done.


I bought this book because of one thing: Simplicity. The title did not strike me as a “how-to,” but more of an easy “bathroom” reading/ ha. Motivational.

Plus, a somewhat semi-pocket size book. It gave me the action of creating “Morgue Files,” which helps me with my short-term memory lost. Thank You.

I guess I’m a ‘packrat’ of files, which in the end, becomes garbage or junk in my hard-drive. Command + Shift + Delete.


So as a reminder…

I have been fascinated with Graffiti and Calligraphy for 1 year plus now.

And, as a routine- daily checkup on internet trending for Design and Fads. Very Sleek Piece.




Also …Reminded me of Evan Roth Graffiti Taxonomy | Wonderful Project! 2009

and he did a 3D-model | Data (continual)…Kickstarter for him.

Cartier should renew the exhibit online permission: Graffiti Taxonomy …but for the static version: ni9e



I saw him, once at a Thailand’s A&D seminar | TCDC, showcasing his projects.

Very awesome guy… Creative, laid-back, good-heart and totally fun times raw.



Awesome layout, dynamic, thorough, minimal… | Vanderlin is talented: vanderlin

A total appreciation their work, and I hope for more info/ data/ street design from them.


Spirit walk @Night …again

I wanted to record my January 2013 walk, but sadly, the “Route Gallery” app is gone. It had little intention on trending, but the graph was cool to tweak. I saw another app search, but cost way too much to make it a “keeper.”

As I checked on GMap. It did take me 15mins (give a little more) on the prediction.
I walked .7 miles, which by my standard- is good enough with a broken left foot.

Just a thought that I wanted to jot down, and writing for the first time on my iPad.
A personal effort; Think. Do! & Done.

The map can be a little more aesthetically-pleasing, but “eh” reminder.

Look, Mom! there’s us…

Not technically… Saw this on trendhunter. Read further more on Giz.

I like reading ppl’s comments; some are off-beat, some are envious? (I guess) and definitely, for Eric, getting someone’s name wrong is sad. As for the article, BB is much simpler in context.

TH is thorough, well directed. Cheers…

I saw it, and said to myself… save it, print it, and display. I like the aesthetic of the whole visual. The man-hours totally “Geeky,” but Cool!

Takes a lot of “how-to’s” on algorithm and function for the end result. Relativity +1. Cheers…

Census Dotmap

Mr. Anderson