Try, enjoying the moment…

Let see… I just came out to have a breather. I guess why not…? Downloaded the app 🙂 maybe I will find some inspiration, motivation, or aspiration beyond “Me.” And when “I” get to see and understand, my’self’ would probably – subconsciously – have set “Me” to feel the moment.

I sit with a glass of wine. I like it. It’s nice, not too heavy or too much filling, just good and for your heart. Very simple, aged with style. All saying that I post has relativity and relevance to some form of past quotes and copy… / ha.

Imagine a closed box room. Black walls, industrious style, and nice lighting – music is a bit loud – but a beautiful playlist. A TV is in front me, silent mode, and I feel alone 🙂
I guess my’self’ enjoys it. But will I understand?

Just trying … And relax.


Why not…?

So… This is my first and of time. Never done this, but why not…? I never blogged. I guess I should write what I want to write, I guess?

I don’t expect anything from doing this. It is more of a therapy / ha.

Anyway, so what now…? I had a lot of things to write, but I let them all go – awhile back, few minutes waiting on to signup. My English is horrible, and it is my second language, but I try. I have my way of speaking and writing – as anyone in the universal.

I just want to write how I felt, I just want the tension to go away and to be at mind. Better self my self, that’s all.

This maybe my only post, or maybe not. I am not an advocate on “writing.” I get bored easily, because the energy burns rapidly within me.

That’s enough about me.

Maybe I will have better luck next time. Take each step at a time and letting go.

I guess there’s a meaning in everything. So gr81life; has 4 ways of communicating myself. I have a nickname of “Great,” born in 1981, Gr8 is short-handed, and it’s infinity (if ever that day comes, I do hope this “blog” will still be online). So thats a gr81life 🙂 – just one life… now on the internet / ha.

I’ll stop here… I will go for some down time with my self. I space my self (how I typed) because self has energy, has a meaning, a purpose, my self or even myself, just knowing that it is the physical and quiet energy that sometimes we don’t see. So I’m taking a breath 🙂

Hello world!

I keep you as my prelude.

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