Movie times 3

Oz the Great and Powerful

  • 3D CG
  • Finley
  • Chinatown
  • Prologue

The story was innocently twisted & sweet with a touch of family entertainment. The overall production/ development, ambience and color treatment were spectacular.

Created by hands with pure imagination. I was watching a “Children’s Fairy tale” come to life (…of course, Disney).

Man versus self-actualization.

All the elements were presented. The “Yellow Brick Road,” the Wicked Witch, the “Enlightened” version of Courage, Happiness, Inspiration and Friendship. And very importantly; Love.

The acting was raw on both Franco and Kunis. I was watching them on screen; their personality overwhelmed the character. Off-beat, yet subtle.

Weisz and Williams had charisma. Maturity on both their roles and witches instinct. I was watching the character/ actor simultaneously. Amazing~

I love Finley and “ChinaGirl.” They made me smiled, laughed and awed. They felt real with sentimental affection.

The supporting cast were supportive. Great ensemble, though off-beat/ ha.

“As long as You Believe.”

(say it 3 times)

2.5*Sweet Dreams are made of this… It’s not you – only. It’s a Slumber Party.


…to love what I do best


“First, I designed my life. Now, my life designed me.”