Stained Wall

Game Of Thrones

Blood Runs Deep | CALiGR8F.009

Movie times 2

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

  • 3D Ambience
  • Good CG
  • Beyond Fairytale
  • The Good Hunters, Bad, and Ugly Witches

The movie was “Twisted,” in a good way. Introduced a lot of new characters with a definitive plot. The story would not have top the box office if it did not have blood, sex, and war.

I went into the theater blindly (open-minded), and I was pleased. The only downfall: Maybe it was in 3D..?  which made the movie “narrow screen” slash shadowy “dark”, along with the fast-action fighting movements, was hard to follow.

‘A Sweet Tooth’ for your eyes.

2.5* … Another Tuesday or Wednesday fling, but not a keeper.



… This month has its ups and downs. A bit melancholy, but I don’t want to bicker (bored of hearing myself as well/ ha).

Either do it or don’t… “Relationships.” Can’t expect too much. If it’s good enough, then it’s happy. Positive I am…

Best to force(control) yourself; than to force upon others. Enough on my “Dear Diary…”