I Morgue U


Think. Do! & Done.


I bought this book because of one thing: Simplicity. The title did not strike me as a “how-to,” but more of an easy “bathroom” reading/ ha. Motivational.

Plus, a somewhat semi-pocket size book. It gave me the action of creating “Morgue Files,” which helps me with my short-term memory lost. Thank You.

I guess I’m a ‘packrat’ of files, which in the end, becomes garbage or junk in my hard-drive. Command + Shift + Delete.


So as a reminder…

I have been fascinated with Graffiti and Calligraphy for 1 year plus now.

And, as a routine- daily checkup on internet trending for Design and Fads. Very Sleek Piece.




Also …Reminded me of Evan Roth Graffiti Taxonomy | Wonderful Project! 2009

and he did a 3D-model | Data (continual)…Kickstarter for him.

Cartier should renew the exhibit online permission: Graffiti Taxonomy …but for the static version: ni9e



I saw him, once at a Thailand’s A&D seminar | TCDC, showcasing his projects.

Very awesome guy… Creative, laid-back, good-heart and totally fun times raw.



Awesome layout, dynamic, thorough, minimal… | Vanderlin is talented: vanderlin

A total appreciation their work, and I hope for more info/ data/ street design from them.