The Show Must Go On…

In the past recent months, I was amazed on the level of acceptances and enthusiasts there were for the HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

From beer bottle labels to humor, infographics, Twitter accounts and a rendition of Saul Bass design (literally)/ ha.

The Action Game by Flores reminded me of Adult Swim: Bible Fight! | By far the best intake (Great Idea and Execution: A+)

Another one is the Simpsons’ Opening Sequence | Cute…

In reflection; I, myself, enjoy the series as well.

Raw characters and adventures with gore and deception.

I bought Season One DVD Set, which I have not fully submerge into the families, yet. Still Questions… but it did not stop me from watching Season Three.

Talk about Grudge. Not to mention; Good Guys with Bad Run-Ins/ sigh~