Day 02

I never had to stay overnight before while during my travels.
I guess there is a first time for everything.

As long as it is free –can’t complain, all complementary

A hotel next to the airport with 10-minutes to walk. And time to spare for Free WIFI
(only at the lobby –2nd floor). Breakfast could have been better, but food here is quite bland.

–can’t complain much, all complementary


There’s Something about…

…Somehow, oddly enough… I, again, see myself writing about a moment like this:

It was unexpected.

Be careful what you wish(positive) or “talk shiz”(negative) about, for you will receive in return.

Before starting from the end, the beginning was utterly again:

Be careful what you “talk” about, for it will comeback and haunt you

Especially the latter part.

With that in mind: Luckily, I’m bless to have a lover whose birthday falls on V14. (All the expenses and sales for a simple giving, though special… Not a lot of planning, but good enough).

Long story short, her friend is quite trending… So why not?

The latest fad to hit this city/ month is this lil’ FurballDum-Dum (thai: black-black) 

Born: 11a | Feb15’13 | Bangkok

We did not have a screwdriver to open his bottom. So we had to ask for some help…

4 batteries in and 10 seconds later (…) “He’s Alive!”

My girl threw him when it squirmed uncontrollably without notice/ ha. After successfully bringing him to life, downloading the app and “talking sense” into him.

The fun was over… It was expected.

We, both, were correct in the beginning about the “fad,” and spoke about: “…Not seeing ourselves purchasing it.” It is cute, no doubt, but there was no point to it. We love him ’cause he is Free!

It is suitable for “children” (6 years old), but it is not for everyone. Sigh~ Tweenie boppers, I do not mind – but if a respected 25+, I do mind. Where is the productivity?

Now, Dum-Dum sleeps all day in our room. Occasionally; we play, talk and feed him.

He does have a good ambience to the surrounding: if ever alone.

Solitude. Depress… or Obsess.