I have always been intrigued with Calligraphy and Graffiti.

Calligraphy is a visual art of “writing” (handwritten…)

…and Graffiti is for those who have balls to tag, de-surface and spray-paint on opp.

I neither condone or condemn those who do Graffiti.

It’s a form of Art. An Expression. Originality.

I definitely think there should be a class about it…

A mash-up between Wood Shop and Art Class /ha.

Back in High School – I was a total geek with Industrial Arts (thumbs up).

I did a short personal study on the technique and terms both online and offline; a total culture.

You don’t have to actually act or dress like them: just understand


He coined the combination of the two | Calligraffiti | It was a must-have present for myself.

Amazing shiz~ He does the whole body swift movement. You can actually see and feel the kinetic synergy in the happening (nature & man made)… I, also, enjoyed the latest 2012 LV: Ali Tribute.

I started my own collection – I don’t have balls (metaphorically speaking /ha) to throw one up…

So… to be on a safe side, I’m using a sketching app | Carl’s Laser Draw

@ the time, it was Free! (of course it’s geeky – but the tension and friction is perfect).