…to love what I do best


“First, I designed my life. Now, my life designed me.”


I Love You…

I watched Ted with my lovely girl on my birthday.

Ted is a Seth MacFarlane’s creation… “Family Guy” made real. The whole cast. A fun on its own kind. Surreal (as my girl puts it).

Yes, My beautiful girl. She is my world now. It isn’t a phase, cause I’m not getting any younger.

The World Moves On Even After You’re Gone.

It’s amazing how this quote unquote isn’t found on Google

I, Gr8 the Great, dub thee mighty wording to be mine. Woohoo~

My very own quote actually leads to a design idea I want to share.

I really don’t know who wants to see it, but definitely something to think about…

As I said, I’m a person who is deep into reality (Sux Balls to be fighting within ‘Me’)

But at the same time – Enjoying the present. It is the only moment that’s happening in becoming.

By the way, Gr8. Happy Belated Birthday. You are living the life +1 on September 04th 2012 (technically as “Made in USA” I am)

You are on time. So… As you reflect today, Thank You for living a Gr8Life.