When I started this project; I knew it had to be more than just a created typeface.

Yes… I love science fiction; “What If…,” Matter, Time, Space, and “The Unknown.”

The Story of I’

Between Trek and Wars: Both are amazing story and have their own “world” citizens/ crowd.

All in all, there’s no comparison or which I rather choose to click with…

Television Series vs. Feature Presentation. End of Debate.

So… If I am~ a Trekkie; it is only because of the subliminal soundclip and reruns/ ha.

(They appear in my living room, and ambience during my multi-tasking/ ha).

But for my muse, character development and civilization within 121 Mins and…Chewie.

I bent my “wookiee!”

No matter what two worlds: Both pave ways to a “life story,” nostalgia, culture and senses.

So, back to reality…

REMARK™Able is a simplification for designers to have better control of the overlap. | Theory

Also, it was a question into what typeface Sci-Fi Movies use for their props/ ha.

Evolution and Refinement surrounds us. Today.

In addition; I am a quiet person, but thank you for following and reading.


Finally got a chance to show my creativity.

A one year process of figuring out the integrity of my design.

In due time; learning how to use FontLab Studio was quick. So it was amazing how ‘REMARK’ came to be… (The kerning and the physical letters exist)

I’m quite please with the end result. I guess with “thousands’ up” of downloads – some people are interested.

Someone mentioned me as well;

(I wrote to thank him – small gap in human kindness) ^_^

                “Small, but Enough for Today’s Happiness”